The Garden Gift: From Mother to Daughter

Sometimes, clients request a garden as a gift for someone they love – and this garden was one of those special Christmas gifts. The gift goes to a sweet daughter and her family living in Creedmoor, TX.

A portion of the family’s backyard was an open field with mostly bunch grasses and full sun. The soil was mostly clay, but with some organic matter and worms and was a great base for plant roots to expand into. For this garden, we cleared a 24 by 28 foot section of the field, incorporated Garden-ville’s Rose Soil to the bed areas, tilled the clay and new soil together, built and installed cedar raised bed boxes, topped them off with more Rose Soil, added cottonseed meal and Medina Granular fertilizer, mulched the pathways with Garden-ville double-shredded cedar, and finally planted seeds and transplants with the family.

It was a great day of work and we had a wonderful time building and planting this garden with an enthusiastic, close family. The daughter kept telling us it was the best gift ever! Way to go mom! Stay tuned to see how this garden changes through Spring and Summer!