Miniature Cheviot Sheep Herd for Sale

Updated May 26, 2024. We are selling our herd of ten miniature cheviot sheep located in Granger, Texas. We have had this herd for ten years but are getting out of the sheep business as we’ll be moving. We have both registered and miniature Cheviot unregistered ewes. Three ewes are registered with the American Miniature Cheviot Sheep Breeders Association. The remaining ewes and two wethers are not registered but have excellent fleeces. Additionally, one wether and one ewe are Cheviot/dorper crosses with strong Cheviot features but larger in size. If you do not want to keep the wethers or crosses, they can be processed for high quality meat. We do not currently have a ram.

Miniature Cheviots are extremely hardy sheep and have thrived on our farm, often producing twins each spring. The herd is healthy and have not needed to be treated for parasites in at least 4-5 years, if not longer. Cheviot ewes need no assistance with lambing, produce adorable, tiny lambs, and are very attentive mothers. Unlike most miniature breeds, Cheviots have not been bred down to be miniatures, but are their original perfect size.

Miniature Cheviots are considered dual purpose meat and wool sheep and must be sheered annually in the spring. They produce soft, dense, low-grease wool with a medium staple length, 3 to 6 inches, in the 25-to-32-micron range. It has a classic kink or crimp that makes for a bouncy feel – allowing it to stretch but never lose its original shape. The wool takes dye well. Fleeces range from 1.5 to 3 pounds.

Cheviots have wool-free legs and faces. Our herd have the classic Roman-nose and are regal-looking, alert, and graceful little sheep with wide faces and small, upright ears. They have white faces and legs with black noses, eye-rims, and hooves. Maximum height at two years of age is 23 inches measured at the withers after shearing; mature rams weigh 80 to 150 pounds, ewes between 45 and 85 pounds. Our sheep are well-loved and can lamb into their teens. We also have three dorpers ewes who have been with this herd their whole lives that will go with them. Two are gentle white ewes who are great lead sheep. They will follow you anywhere. The other is a very sturdy black and white dorper ewe who produces big lambs. The entire herd is trained to come to a shaking bucket of feed pellets which is great when they go where you don’t want them to. They are also trained to stay within electric fences.

We will also include our remain sheep equipment including a 5-6 electric fences (in use but need repairs), extra fence poles, a fence charger, ear taggers, hoof trimmers, two shepherd’s crooks (traditional wooden and a super crook), ram marking harness, wax blocks and markers, and misc equipment. We prefer to sell the entire herd of 13 sheep. Asking $3200.

email or text/call 512-560-3865