April Garden Rehab

This April Bohemian Bounty was happy to work with an experienced gardener in Northwest Austin who had outgrown her current garden space. The garden was 20 feet by 10 feet and held in place by rotting railroad ties. Whenever we see railroad ties we strongly recommend removing them. Creosote, used to preserve the logs, is not approved for use in the landscape. It has a number of cancer causing chemical compounds and not what you want in contact with your veggies.

Bohemian Bounty designed a 2 bed garden, each 4 feet by 20 feet with a comfortable path between and around the beds. The narrow beds meant the gardener no longer had to walk in her bed while working the garden. To reduce materials, labor and cost, the gardens were built in-ground, but raised bed, with the beds being 6 or 7 inches higher than the pathways and border. The raised bed edges are supported by the walkway’s cedar and the beds have 12 inches or more of fluffy, rich soil for plant roots and improved drainage. Cottonseed meal, slow release fertilizer and compost were added to the soil to make up the previous gardening nutrient take and to loosen up the clay soil.