Worms Cutting Back Garden Productivity

Insects are a blessing and curse for food gardens. Over the past weeks I have pulled hundreds of worms off plants and picked up the scraps of dead plants left after they have moved through a garden. It is an upsetting experience but it is also part of a healthy ecosystem. These worms are actually moth larva and due to the good weather, all plants and animals are doing great. Of course insects reproduce en mass so we are seeing a lot of these chewing worms lately. We expect the worms will go away after a good freeze or cold snap. Meanwhile, try our organic solutions.

1. Organic liquid sprays of Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), Thuricide

2. Handpicking from damaged leaves (see photos)

3. Wasps (leave a few nests around to encourage wasps to enter your garden and harvest worms for food-see photos)