Movie Reviews: Fresh and The Future of Food

This year seems to have brought forth several movies about our food. On rainy days we indulge in a bit of fun by watching these with friends and family.

We have recently watched:

Fresh (you can have your own mini screening of the movie for $20)

This docudrama was shown at Boggy Creek Farm this summer. The film’s human stories about the organic connections between producers and consumers was inspiring. We can only hope that more people become aware of why organic local farming and ranching is vital to the health of our race and our environment. Thank you Boggy Creek, Alamo Draft House, Edible Austin and all the sponsors!

The Future of Food (watch for free on

I stumbled onto The Future of Food on a rainy Saturday and was surprised by the information it contained. This movie shows a side of the agricultural industry that other ag movies simply skim over. The Future of Food address the influence, actions and consequences of the industrialization of crop production. The Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) issue is presented in great depth. As a trained biologist I have undertaken the rigorous hard science curriculum that is required by colleges. The chemists and geneticist who paved the green movement were featured in my textbooks. I even spent part of my career in molecular genetics,  marveling at the advancement of genetic discoveries while hoping to see them alleviate human ailments. How we balance science and nature is an ongoing discussion in classrooms – and now farm fields – around the world. The Future of Food advances that discussion.

Other movies to watch:

Food Inc, Killer at Large, and The Real Dirt on Farmer JohnMore