Deep Eddy Summer Garden Update

Bohemian Bounty staff has been making rounds this week to check on some gardens as well as beginning to change out plants for the fall. What is Fall Gardening in Texas? It consists of harvesting eggplant, okra, watermelon, winter squash as well as pruning old tomatoes and peppers and planting new tomatoes, peppers, flowers, winter squash, summer squash, and pumpkins. Not easy with these temperatures and lack of rain. Many gardens suffered from lack of production but they were nonetheless healthy.
Our most recent visit surprised us and we would like to share some photos showing why. Juicy watermelons, tender cucumbers, towering okra and prolific eggplants. This garden exhibits the best example of what a late summer central Texas garden has to offer. And all this from a first time gardener! Our take home lessons here are install a drip irrigation system with a timer and some shade over the garden is helpful.