That’s one way to get rid of the chiggers

I had a knock at the door this afternoon from the man that leases the land for coastal hay. His baler had caught the hay on fire which subsequently caught part of our pasture on fire. He dumped his burning bale of hay and drove up to the house and we put out the fire that was still smoldering in his baler. Seeing as how it’s a $45,000 piece of equipment you really don’t want to see it burn to the ground.

Across the road, about 200 yards away, I could see great clouds of white smoke pouring off the pasture. I called the Granger fire department who told me I needed to call Williamson County 911 before they could be dispatched. What?!? So I dialed 911 and the Granger volunteer fire department was here within about 10 minutes.

I strapped the two girls in to the Subaru and drove down to open one of the gates so they could get in the back way. I then had to head back up to the house because babysitting in a smoky field was no ones’ idea of fun. Well, I thought it was fun but Amelia disagreed. At some point the Sheriff arrived and left. I wasn’t able to watch the progress. I think it took about 30-45 minutes to put the fire out.

Jen looked on the bright said and said, “At least there won’t be any chiggers there.”