The Future Face of the Farm?

Dorper sheep from Roeder Farm.
The future face of the Farm?

Is this cute looking guy the future face of the farm? It’s a certified dorper sheep raised by The amazing folks at the Roeder Ranch. They have a 1,600 acre ranch west of Fredricksburg that has been in the family since the late 1890s. Brad and his parents were nice enough to have my brother Dewayne and I out for a visit Sunday. They patiently answered all of our questions, even the dumb ones.

They really got us excited about raising sheep. And more importantly, the got us believing we can actually be successful at it! So, we’re now in the process of putting our business together. FEINs, LLC paperwork, bank account, farm tax IDs, business plan, website, social media and all that fun stuff.

We get to employ everyone’s skills. Dewayne’s MBA, Jennifer’s ability to be organized and keep everyone on task, and my…my…hmm. Well, I’m sure I bring something to the table. Manual labor? East austin hipster vibe? Geeky web powers? I’m sure something will rise to the surface.

So, I hope everyone is hungry. We plan to offer some if the best grass fed lamb central Texas has ever laid a fork to! And that’s just for starters. Want to get in on the woolly action? We’ll be up for trading manual labor for shares. We’ll have plenty you can help us with.