Lamb For Sale


Raw Lamb steaks

We have a limited number of whole animals for sale at this time. Call or Text 512-560-3865



How do you buy a whole lamb?

Unlike cows, sheep are not very big animals. Our sheep are between 80 and 120 pounds at processing.


Dressed WeightLamb steaks

The sheep’s dressing percentage is about 54%. Their dressed weight (also known as hanging weight) would be around 43 to 65 pounds. You only pay for the dressed weight, not the live weight.


The amount of meat you take home depends upon a number of factors including the level of processing, amount of bone-in cuts and how much fat you prefer on your meat. A 50 pound dressed weight will yield between 25-30 pounds of meat. Additionally, you can take home the bones themselves (5-6 pounds) for bone broths.


When you buy a whole lamb, you get to choose exactly how you want your lamb processed: chops, steaks, leg of lamb, ground or stew meat. We’ll provide you with a cut sheet and are happy to walk you through the various cuts available. There is more to lamb than just chops and leg! You can also have a whole lamb for grilling if you don’t want individual cuts.


A whole lamb will require about 2 cubic feet of freezer space. That is about the space of home refrigerator freezer.


We use Smithville Food Locker for our processing due to their excellent reputation among beef, pork and lamb producers in central Texas. They charge $40 to process a sheep and $0.20/pound to chill the carcass. This is a fixed cost paid by the buyer. Example: $40 + (50lbs x $0.20 = $10) = $50 processing fee.

We charge $ per pound dressed weight.

Pounds x Cost + processing = Final Cost

Example: 50lbs x $6.00 = $300 + processing fee of $50 = $350. Averages $7.00 per pound hang weight. Averages $14 – $11.66 per pound final yield (excluding bone)